What is 7 Circles

I’m writing this because the goal of 7 Circles, and by extension CoHost has always been ambiguous. My end goal for my network and it’s services is to be an overlay replacement to the normal internet.

I’m tired of the constant negative feelings and realities of this world, I’m tired of the miserable internet of today, controlled by 3 or 4 companies for everything, and the braindead and careless attitude the majority of the people in the world have surrounding the failures of our society.

So I’m making my own, 7 Circles will eventually, for those allowed to enter be a drop in replacement for the internet and all it’s services, without having to deal with the negativity and hate in the world.

That’s my goal with 7 Circles & cohost

Replace the internet, because nobody else can be asked to fix it.

The old saying goes that if you want something done right, you do it yourself. So I’m doing it myself!

Grab the torch and start this disaster of a world over, because the current one is miserable and can’t be fixed.

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